Learn about industrial hemp production and its many applications at Hemp Farm where you get to experience life on a traditional working hemp farm.

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The Hemp Farm was set-up by founder & principle Professor Paul Benhaim as an ongoing effort to educate and empower everyone with the knowledge gained from industrial hemp.

Paul Benhaim is a well known world recognized authority in the uses of industrial hemp.

As well as having created hemp food, hemp plastics, hemp medicines, hemp bodycare and hemp building companies, Paul is the author of 11 books about hemp. He manages the world’s most popular Hemp web sites and help advise various international companies in supply and technical processing of industrial hemp

Paul founded the Australian Hemp Foundation, representing the Australian hemp industry and state associations in marketing the expansion of the commercially based industrial hemp industry.

As well as acting as an independent advisor, mentor and coach to those interested in starting a hemp business and those already with existing successful hemp business’ Paul is CEO and Director of cutting edge Hemp companies involved with hemp plastic and hemp food products.
Paul continues his quest to ensure the path for the widespread use of industrial hemp is accessible to all so new and revolutionary Hemp products may become available to a worldwide audience.

Paul’s vision has always been to use hemp as the foundation for a more just, fair and balanced living experience and has lived and worked with various communities globally. His interests in meditation, yoga and a sustainable lifestyle led him to meet Dan Schreiberman, co-founder of Starseed Gardens Nursery in Byron Bay.

Dan’s interest in bamboo, permaculture and community immediately hit a note with Paul and together they are creating an internationally recognized eco school teaching the experience of living a sustainable and enjoyable life in community based around permaculture with the use of bamboo and hemp.

The hemp farm has been supported by great hemp business globally – see our sponsors page for information.

Paul & Dan look forward to welcoming you to the Hemp Farm.

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