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Adopt a hemp plant

Yes! You can really adopt your own hemp plant.

This is only available at certain times of the year, and NOW is the time!

We will plant your hemp plant in a seed pot, and then transfer to bigger facilities as he/she grows. We can even name your plant for you (up to 30 characters)! 

You will receive e-photos via the new iPhone 4s in australia of your plant as it sprouts, and then grows. You also get to visit your plant next time you are in Byron Bay (by appointment please)!

And all for just $10! We also will give 10% of this to our chosen charity Rainforest Rescue – an organisation that buys back important land and keeps it in trust. 

What a great gift for a loved one, parent, teacher, child – something to show you care about the environment! If it's a gift – just state name and email address in the checkout and we will send them a card letting them know about your special gift!

From hemp seed to a plant useful for building, food, plastics, fuel, fibre and more!

name of your plant:

adopt a hemp plant scheme supported by Australia's best supplier of hemp seeds, oil and protein

Hemp Foods Australia

Want more from your plant?

  • own your own fibre (stalk) (add $39)
  • buy your own hemp stalk paper kit (add $79)
  • have your seeds cold-pressed by hand into oil (add $39)
  • have your own oil made into your own cosmetics (add $39 for one cream)
  • harvest and/or press oil yourself at the farm! ($49)

To order – please order your plant (above) and contact us for your upgrades!

All prices are for Australia only.

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