Learn about industrial hemp production and its many applications at Hemp Farm where you get to experience life on a traditional working hemp farm.

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Hemp Building

If you have never heard about a hemp building, then the Hemp Farm is for you!

Learn about the different hemp building materials used and understand how a hemp building is made economical, healthy and strong!

The Hemp Farm’s main campus is close to Byron Bay in the Northern NSW area. Easily accessible from the country’s main pacific highway and less than 1 hour from the Gold Coast and less than 2 hours from Brisbane.

Our original campus location known as ‘Starseed Gardens’ is well known for being the location of one of the country’s first hemp house building workshop. The original hemp building is of course still standing and you can touch and feel the hemp building material as well as new hemp and clay renders in our purpose built hemp demonstration centre.

At the hemp farm you can learn about plastering with hemp, straw bale and the use of local building materials.

This environmentally friendly workshop focusses on empowering the individual to create superb and professional looking eco finishes. Experience how to render using hemp and clay – two of nature's most eco friendly and abundant materials. Plastering straw bale and other sustainable building forms is included. Understand Lime, its past and projectred future as a building material.

Learn the basics of rammed earth and other environmentally aware and practical sustainable building methods.  Visit the hemp buildings, hemp museum entry included.

If you are considering the opportunities to use hemp building products that are truly sustainable and environmentally friendly then the hemp farm is for you. As a self-build enthusiast you may learn to build your own hemp house, or share this with your builder or architect.

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